Viktor Charypar


Tech Director in Cell A, puzzles and aviation nerd, tapir and pig enthusiast.

I’m on a mission to simplify DevOps workflows and remove unnecessary complexity, which we’ve collectively piled on over the years, and let us focus on creating great software experiences for the humans who use our software. I don’t really do code day to day any more, sadly, but it means it doesn’t feel like work any more, and I’m happy to write some in the evenings and on weekends 🎉.

I’ve switched stacks multiple times over the past 15-ish years, starting with PHP, moving to Ruby on Rails, then node.js and React, where I’ve discovered the joy of functional style programming. I’ve done some low level stuff in C/C++ in uni, and started (and never finished) a PhD in machine learning and heuristic optimisation. I’ve also picked up various kinds of infrastructure experience from Linux admin to all kinds of cloud craziness.

These days I’m mostly excited about Rust ❤️, Kubernetes and service meshes, monorepos and feature targeting. Also spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are great!

Disclaimer: I might be slightly overly sensitive to certain “best” practices and bad ideas that keep popping up 😅, so if I inadvertently launch into a huge rant, please don’t take it personally. These include (but are not limited to): Semantic Versioning, overcomplicated git workflows, waterfall process, many environments attempting to replicate production, object oriented programming, CMS, ERP, CRM and other kinds of software that does too much and nothing well pretending that businesses can be standardised and commoditised and off-the-shelf software will give a competitive edge. Also acronyms.

Open Source projects

I generally have more ideas than time (and sense) so all of these things are in various stages of incomplete, but some of them may be useful already. The more you harrass me about them, the more likely it is they get improved.


Guiding principles for agile technology choices

20th July 2020

An attempt to capture some guiding principles for making technology choices - picking tools, tech stacks and making architecture decisions.

Extending Istio with Rust and WebAssembly

20th April 2020

Istio recently released verion 1.5 and one of the major changes in it is the deprecation of Mixer in favour of WebAssembly Envoy filters. Let’s build one to see what it takes.