Plotting Fractals in WebAssembly

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2: Initial Implementation 3: Basic WAT Implementation 4: Optimised WAT Implementation
    3.1: Shared Memory

3: Basic WAT Implementation

The Web page used to implement the JavaScript version of the Mandelbrot Set is a good starting point from which to invoke the WebAssembly version of this program.

The only difference now is that the CPU-intensive task of calculating the fractal image will be implemented in a hand-crafted WebAssembly program. The image data created by the WebAssembly program is then made available to JavaScript by means of shared memory.

  1. Shared Memory
  2. Create the WebAssembly Module
  3. Generate the Colour Palette
  4. Escape-Time Algorithm
  5. Calculating the Mandelbrot Set Image
  6. Displaying the Rendered Fractal Image