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JavaScript Host Environment Summary  

Key Take-Aways

Several things were learned during this exercise:

  • The resulting binary is only 934 bytes 😎
  • The runtime performance of the WebAssembly module is not as fast as the C implementation, but is pretty respectable
  • WebAssembly would benefit from having a raw binary data type that could include such instructions as raw32 or raw64; that way, we would not need all the i8x16.swizzle shenannigans to convert the endianness of data that needs to be processed in network byte order.
  • Unit testing WebAssembly functions (especially private ones) is do-able, but awkward.
    Quite a lot of extra coding in both the WebAssembly module and the host environment is needed to facilite this.


Whilst it must be said that coding directly in WebAssembly Text is a labour-intensive task (and is therefore probably not a good choice for your everyday, high-level coding tasks), the upside is that it requires you to form a deep understanding of your problem space. This in turn then leads you to providing a smaller and more efficient solution.

If you need to solve a CPU-bound problem (and time allows), I would certainly recommend learning to code directly in WebAssembly Text as it will discipline your mind to write only those instructions that are absolutely necessary for solving the problem.