David Laban

Open Source Projects

Most of my open source contributions happen on GitHub and are tracked on Trello, with a WIP limit to stop myself going insane.

Highlights include:

  • mijia-homie - A home monitoring project which feeds temperature and humidity readings to Grafana.
    • This also spawned [bluez-async](https://github.com/bluez-rs/bluez-async - A BlueZ helper library which is useful in its own right.
  • hoverkite - A project to fly a kite using hoverboard motors.
  • cargo-quickinstall - A wrapper around cargo install that can fetch prebuilt executables to speed things up.
    • The eventual aim is to make a cargo quickbuild command that wraps cargo build, and can bootstrap your dependency tree with prebuilt assets on first build. This is a bit of a moon-shot though. Progress is tracked in the cargo-quick organization.


I’ve been using remark excalidraw (specifically my embed-all-the-things branch) and npx live-server for writing my presentations recently. I quite like the workflow. So far, I have written internal presentations about: