Stuart Harris


Hello! I’m Stu, one of 3 founders (along with Dave and Cain), and Chief Scientist at Red Badger. I’m a long-time software engineer, but I don’t have any management responsibilities 😇, which allows me to stay close to the ground and to concentrate fully on charting technical direction for our company and our clients.

I am a proud Rustacean…

…which means I like Rust. A lot!

Over the last year or so we’ve been using Rust extensively with our clients – proving that the much talked-about steep learning curve is worth every second that we invested in it. For the first time, it seems, it’s straightforward to write safe and reliable software, which is also fast and lightweight and especially suited to Cloud Native applications and services running in Kubernetes. It’s not only fun and very satisfying to work with, but it is also making a massive impact in almost every area of software engineering.

I’m also passionate about empowering organisations to create great software in domain-aligned, cross-functional (and DevOps focused) teams using Continuous Delivery.

Open Source projects


Hosts PostGraphile as a wasmCloud 0.50 capability provider, exposing a postgres database as a GraphQL API for actors to consume.


Infrastructure support to enable feature targeting in microservices based web systems (and mobile apps).